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Auckland also known as ‘The Kiwi City of Volcanoes’ is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most historic cities. The largest population of this city makes it one of the country’s most important tourist junctions. Apart from the harbors and ports, Auckland is also known for its natural beauty and cityscapes.
Because of its surfeit of activities, Auckland provides offers for every kind of wanderer. Not only a tourist hub, but Auckland is also home to various islands and mountains and also includes a large number of volcanoes. The city is flecked with beautiful green parks, gardens, and lakes which adds more charm to its beauty. With New Zealand’s stature for adrenaline stirs, Auckland is an epicenter for adventure sports. Due to the immediacy of the water and the massive harbors, the city is always in the headlines for its love affair with boats and the ocean, and thus, because of their pure relationship, it gets the title of the ‘City of Sails’.
The Maritime Museum of Auckland captures the fields of art, national and natural history, and even plant and animal history.

Auckland also offers a great miscellany of adventure activities, bungee jumping being the most prominent which is done from the harbor bridge and the Sky Tower. In addition to it, the harbor bridge and the sky tower also provide quite incredible vantage points of the city. Tourists and travelers can also enjoy various cultural events throughout the year, which includes the Auckland Festival, the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, the New Zealand International Film Festival, and many more interesting events. Auckland is also full of bars accompanied by nightclubs, Ponsonby Roads nightclubs being the most famous one. Ortolona and Orleans are the bars that attract the maximum traffic of visitors. There are numerous things which can be done in the city. These include:
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