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Specialist in small group guided tours in New Zealand

Guaranteed Return to Ship On Time Every Time

Convenience, Safe and Reliable Priority ship departure, worry-free travel to and from your ship, we guarantee that we’ll have you back on time and we offer only the best NZ cruise tours and activities so to make your experience 100% safe and 100% fun.

Destination Experts with In-depth Knowledge

We offer a fantastic door to door service, with local in-depth knowledge about the regions and activities booked. You’ll definitely take back something new and different of our beautiful country.

Your Experience is of Top Quality is our motto

Because we want you to have Extra-ordinary experience, we understand that you may want to travel in smaller groups to get more freedom and independence, we usually arrange a private tour for a cheaper price with experienced guides who is professional and also are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your vacation experience is wonderful.

Make the Most of Your First Visit

BOP Trips takes you directly to the most iconic sites in Tauranga and Auckland port. With everything organized in advance, you’ll get maximum value from your time in port. So even your first visit will be filled with lasting memories which has to be Exceptional & Personal

All our vehicles are luxurious late model and fully air-conditioned. We do cater large group tours on request.

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Specialist in small group guided tours in New Zealand

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